Must See Desitination In Warkworth

{flickr|100|campaign} 1. District Museum of Warkworth New Zealand’s colonial History is amply displayed by the Warkworth museum The surrounding environment is incresingly aesthitic with the presence of two Kauri trees Following the visit to the souvenir shop, try the nearby bushwalk and have a picnic with you family & friends.

2. Sheep World

It is New Zealand’s Premier Farm Experience! We have more sheeps than humans in this country. Hence, no surprises that you should expect highest quality of outdoor winter clothing & natural NZ products There are two daily awesome shows running all through the year. One of them involves sheep & the other is about dogs. They could easily be categorized as the best sheep & dog shows in New Zealand. They are performed at 11am & 2pm

3. Kowhai Park Scenic Reserve This beautiful circular tramping trail bushwalk has beacoup beautiful trees & views all around. It takes you more than 100 years in historical magnificence as you reach old Limestone Kilns, dating back to 1800’s. The huge limestone reserves were mined, extracted & fired before shipping it to Auckland using river channels

4. Old Cement Works – Ruins & Swimming Hole Tired of the long drive up north? Have a refreshing wet break by stopping at this Swimming Hole. Do not like to get wer? Not an adventurous person? Not a Problem Take it easy & get tanned as the cool breeze soothens your body. Very Highly recommended. Secret Spots. Check it out before everyone knows about it.

5. Goat Island Marine Reserve

Probably the best FREE thing to do around Warkworth. Swim with the fishes and rub noses with grand-daddy snapper, or walk out to the rocks looking out to Goat Island and admire them up close. Dive, Snorkel or Walk! Its an ultra pleasure holiday atmosphere. Pack up your car with snorkel & Scuba Diving Gear and hit the road. Alternatively, you can hire them as well. When you are done with Water activities, you can do the “goat track” around the Goat Island Marine reserve. The walk is about 3 hours.

6. Brick Bay Reserve

The shorter 45 minute walk will take you over the boardwalks leading through the mangroves, past Deans Island and out to where the birds are nesting on the sandbar. Several other walks are available taking you through the bushes & taking you out to the river.{} All Walks in NZ are fairly properly marked & this one is not an exception. Only few mins drive from Warkworth.

7. Charlie’s Gelato Garden. Premium Sorbetto shop in NZ Its Premiumness comes from sourced local seasonal fruits which go into its making. Its made in the traditional Italian manner providing you the most rich taste you can have while having “ice-creams”.

8. Matakana Village Farmer’s Market

This is one of the premium local farmer markets in NZ. The area has a rich local produce of fruits, vegetables, wines & organic foods. Get inspired by the fresh smells, an incredible local produce, and live music with morning coffee. Open on Saturday morning (all year) & Wednesday evenings in summer.

9. Matakana Vineyards

New Zealand wine is considered to be one of the more premium wines in the world. Matakana is the epicentre of North Lands Wine production. Hence, its not a surpise that these superb tasting wines are offered for tasting & buying at dozens of vineyards all over Matakana which is twin town few mins from Warkworth. Some of the most famous vineyards are: Brick Bay, Ascension Wine Estate, Contour Estate & Coxhead Creek.

10. Snells Beach. Amazingly beautiful beach in North Island. Have a fun & peaceful walk on the beach. If you are more of adventure person, go have a swim – the beach is tidal. Collect the beautiful shells lying all over the beach. Watch the beautiful view at sunrise. Take a boat trip cross to the stand-alone Kawau Island visible from Snells beach. All in all, snells beach is the perfect place to stay while visiting Warkworth, Matakana or on the way to Bay of islands.