Museum of Television and Radio New York


The museum is situated at 25th West 52 Street in the middle of the Manhattan Town, New York. The purpose of establishing a museum is to keep the record of all the television and radio programs and to inform the public that how the media has influenced our culture and society. The museum is also known as “The Paley Center for Media”.


The museum was founded by William S. Paley, in 1975. The museum was first built in East 53 Street, later it expanded and moved to a new building, designed by Philip Johnson. In 1996, the California State opened a similar kind of museum in Los Angeles.

The museum has so many screening rooms and theatres. It has two large theatres and a large library equipped with a large collection of video. Individual and family consoles are available to watch move individually or with family or group.

What’s To Do and See?

Most of the collection which is kept in the museum is one that has an impact on the society and culture. It is said that there are more than one hundred and twenty thousand programs are kept in the museum. Some programs which are kept in the museum are more than 90 years old. Museum also has a comprehensive collection of classical radio announcements from 1918 to 2010. Some modern television series are also included in the collection of museum such as Friends and Desperate Housewives.

Examples of the Collection

The Museum of Television and Radio offers more than seven hundred videos from around the globe. This collection of overseas programs is available in different categories such as language, culture and mental.

The theatres in the museum are used to broadcast popular television series to the visitors. All kind of programs are offered in the theatres. Museum also has a large collection of commercial programs as well that were broadcasted in the early twentieth century.

The museum offers many public programs where many professional people, journalists and actors are brought together. The purpose of these programs is to raise the awareness about the history of television programs in people.

The museum offers a lot of interesting collection for children as well. The collection includes classic and contemporary programs that children will love to enjoy. The Recreating Radio workshops are offered which help children and parents to learn about the sound effects, reading script etc.

The museum also has a gift store located on the main floor that offers a lot of interesting things to visitors.

Museum of Television & Radio Tourism Information

You can reach to museum through public transportation such as subway line, bus, taxi cab. The adults’ admission ticket cost $ 10. Students and seniors are charged $ 8 and children under 14 are charged $ 5 per admission. It also offers membership program as well. Members gets discount in public programs.

The museum remains open from Wednesday to Sunday. The opening hours from Wednesday to Sunday are 12pm to 5 pm. On Thursday, the timing is from 12pm to 8pm. Taking snapshots or using camcorders is prohibited.