Mulling Options With 4g Service In L.a. And New York

{flickr|100|campaign} What are your options on the L.A. or New York 4G network? It is in many ways the talk of both towns as the service is debuting. Can you imagine a Manhattan with service that simply blows away all the other wireless networks, or a Los Angeles with a signal that didnt quit? Its about to be reality for anyone who wants to make the switch. Here are some options you can consider on the Los Angeles and New York 4G networks.

Cut the bull: You have probably been dealing with a lot of bull with your wireless connection, something that was in many ways inescapable. Just think about it: the 3G network was not built specifically for the internet. Instead, it was built for cell networks, making the intense internet operations somewhere outside of its grasp. The 4G network was obviously built with the modern internet in mind. You can cut the bull and get straight to the heart of the matter when you are using this system. There is no equal and likely will not be one for a very long time.

Stream it live: Streaming live sports is one of the amazing capabilities of modern wireless internet networks. You simply couldnt get it done effectively on the old networks, for reasons already discussed. With this new system, you dont have to miss any of your beloved Yankees, Mets, Knicks, Rangers, Jets or Giants. L.A. fans will be able to track the goings on of the Lakers and Dodgers with ease, as well as any other team you want to watch anywhere in the country. Local networks are not the only thing at your disposal these days, as every sport will put whatever game you want onto a mobile device.

Rev up the engines on the job: When you are working on the road with wireless internet in L.A. or New York, you want it to be all systems go time. In other words, you dont want to get boxed out by your connection because of some technical issue. If your livelihood depends on your ability to connect, its going to be a no-brainer. Why would anyone agree to take on a connection that couldnt go the distance with you? Letting your own capabilities slip is akin to giving your competition the advantage. Its something you simply would never do without regretting it.

Get your connection at a sound price: Can this new network do it all for you when you are paying through the nose every month? Of course not: This is why the providers have been wise to deliver the service at a good price. You cant brag about the capabilities of a network which no one can afford, after all. You need to deliver efficiency and value to be able to call a network the system of the future. Fortunately, they have gotten it done.