MSNBC Veers Further Left: Lawrence O’Donnell to Have “The Last Word”


Confirmation that MSNBC has chosen to veer even further left in its prime time cable news broadcasts is evident in their choice of their most recent on-air personality, Lawrence O’Donnell. (I say ‘news’ in a tongue – in – cheek manner. MSNBC long ago abandoned any attempt at ‘news’ by becoming a full blown mouthpiece for all things ‘Democrat’, especially the far left wing faction of that party.)

MSNBC proclaims to be “The Place for Politics”, but what they fail to also state—and in all honesty they should—is that their brand of politics is that of a strong left wing dose of ‘progressive’ prattling from a handpicked staff of professional, longtime liberals.

Beginning September 27th, MSNBC will give one hour to one of their longtime guest commentators, O’Donnell, in the 10 o’clock time slot (EST) for a program entitled “The Last Word”. If you’ve seen O’Donnell guest host on MSNBC you will agree that it is aptly named as O’Donnell has a habit of rudely interrupting anyone he doesn’t agree with by most frequently—and boorishly—insisting on the last word.

The program promises to be a further move to the far left by bolstering the other ‘progressives’ currently broadcasting: Chris Mathews (Hardball), Keith Olbermann (Countdown), and the relative newcomers Rachel Maddow (The Rachel Maddow Show) and Ed Shultz (   The Ed Show).

If you thought Obermann was a lefty, wait till you view O’Donnell. Olbermann couldn’t carry Larry’s lefty jock nor can he be nearly as vituperative!

As White House press secretary Robert Gibbs might say, O’Donnell is a bona fide, card carrying member of the ‘professional left’ as are most of the other prime time liberal talking heads at MSNBC.

O’Donnell has been affiliated with MSNBC part-time for 14 years as a political analyst, guest commentator, and fill in host. “Now that the network and I have gotten to know each other, I’m thrilled to be going full time.” says Larry.

The addition was most likely a reaction to the ongoing battle with conservative Fox News which MSNBC consistently trails significantly in ratings by any standard. This frustrates MSNBC to no end which without fail reacts by veering further from any semblance of news broadcasting by adding even more fuel to the fire. (The Rachel Maddow Show was added in September of 2008 as a result of losses in the ratings battle, another Keith Olbermann-like show with a far left wing political bent. Ed’s show, mostly one hour dedicated to virulently bashing anything Republican, was added in April 2009.)

This time MSNBC may have gone too far. O’Donnell is an irascible bully who even looks angry on the best of days relating the most positive of stories, a sinister individual with a dour outlook on life. He has a visceral hatred of anything or anyone conservative—especially Republicans, and anyone claiming to be one—and he makes no bones about it. He is obvious in his far left positions and tolerates no deviance from his views, personal or political. He is a staunch ‘progressive’ in the most literal of terms, a left wing demagogue of the first order.

But don’t take my word for it. Tune in to this latest of MSNBC’s endeavors to gain favor with viewing Americans which they perceive as craving more biased, opinionated interpretations of today’s events. Larry’s a perfect fit for MSNBC’s current lineup and will undoubtedly add fervor to their current vitriolic ‘news’ analysis, especially anything favoring the left wing of the Democratic party.