MP4 Music Player, Perfect Music Player


MP4 Music Player, Perfect Music Player

Recently it is reported that Philips has laucnhed its latest challenger to the iPod and named it the GoGear Muse MP4 music player. The portable MP4 music player sports the following features: 3.2″ HVGA display, 720p HD video playback, FullSound technology, FLAC and APE lossless audio codecs support, MicroSD card slot for additional storage, FM Radio with RDS and 20 presets, Ships with sound isolating earphones, Includes open source music software

Movie and music lovers nowadays are caught up with the release of countless devices like 8GB MP4 player that can easily store up a large amount of songs. MP4 music player is a compressed video produced by the software created by Microsoft called Codec, a software program that can decode and encode digital streams. MP4 music player files was created due to the joint effort of a large number of researchers focused on reducing the size of large, cumbersome music and video files into smaller ones to provide more disk space. With this smaller sized format, you now have to option to store more music and video files on your disk space and playing them over different media players is not a problem anymore. You just have to download the latest configuration of the media players to view your MP4 files. You now have the option of not deleting any of your old video and music files to make way for newer ones.

With the advent of MP music player, the storage of music and videos on a hard disk has really changed for the better. MP4 touch player has been hailed as the prevailing music and video file in the market today. The iPod itself encourages the use of the MPEG4 of MP4 files for video and music and nowadays there are some other MP4 players available too. It was believed that MPEG4 is limited only to video files but this is not so. Music files in the same form may also be made available and this is evident in Apple’s online music store, the iTunes. Videos in the MPEG4 format are being sold online in their website and it has reaped a thousand followers to date. Maybe in the few years to come, audio files can also be converted to MPEG4, saving up on the disk space you need. This is the reason why Apple’s iPod can store up to 20,000 songs and 100 hours of video with just 80 GB of disk space.

There are video converters available online where you could manually convert your own Mp4 music player videos to the MPEG4 file format. This can help you considerably save up on disk space and can help you store more files. You can even load them on your own iPod for a more portable use of your music and your videos. The choice is just up to you.


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