Movies On Airplanes Are Awesome


It’s incredible how far in flight entertainment has come. Now we have hundreds of options of what sort of entertainment we want to enjoy during our flights.

This entertainment revolutions on planes is really revolutionizing and changing air travel as we know it. Rather than a single film being shown to all passengers you’ll often find that each passenger now has their own dedicated entertainment console on which they can select from hundreds of movies, documentaries, tv shows. You can even watch the plane’s journey across a map. Some of the much more modern planes now give you the option to with live streaming options.

The best in class for entertainment is sometimes Singapore Airlines, but I personally like the ones flying to Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Flights from London to Oslo will often give you a wide range of latest-releases and old classics. It’s amazing that planes are permitted to show movies that have only just come out in the cinema. Only longer routes like flights from New York to Stockholmyou’ll also find that the range of entertainment options is truly world-class. No longer do you have to endure a terrible movie, but instead you can watch anything you like, listen to music, and even play games. Or some modern aircrafts, in the business class of seats which are no longer called seats but “suites” you even get 17″ televisions.

Air travel entertainment is only getting better. Airlines are beginning to realize that entertainment is very important to the discerning passenger, even if they’re just taking flights from Tulsa to Orlandoto be with family, they still expect the best. And they can expect to get it. By calling up each airline before you fly you can find out exactly what are the options for in flight entertainment and avoid disappointment when you get on the plane.