Mouth Watering Cadiz Cuisines


This city has such a scenic and serene ambience that it creates the right atmosphere for a hearty meal anytime. Its seascapes and town liberalism creates the appetite for locals and visitors with its wide range of delectable cuisines.

Gastronomy Choices

The abundance of freidurias, or in English, the fried fish shops, make the fried fish a delectable dish, and an obvious choice as it is famous here. Though Cadiz claims ownership to the originality of the dish, the English claim otherwise. This popular dish is easily available in any part of town as well as at the beach when in season. It is a common sight where this dish is being savored from the cartucho as one strolls around the beach or city streets. Another local specialty that is excellent is the shrimp omelette which can be ordered at the bars in town.

Although there are many choices of eateries for the famed freidurías in Cadiz, two places stand out more than the others for that treat: namely, the Freiduría Las Flores which is located on the town square, and the Freiduría Sopranis which is located slightly away from Plaza San Juan. It is not hard to find the latter as it is located at the protruding end of the peninsula where the port and naval dockyards stretch with many quaint cafés and decently-priced restaurants.

For some superior quality local cuisine, try Restaurante Achuri which is located at the north side of the town square. It is popular for its excellent Andalucian and Basque recipes. Yet, the true place for the fish dish should be at Plaza Tio de la Tiza, located near the beach in an ancient fishing village. This plaza offers plenty of stalls serving good fish dishes that have tables overflowing outdoors during the summer. El Faro is an up market fish restaurant which serves good quality fish and outstanding tapas.

Accommodation Selection

There is never a worry of finding good accommodations in Cadiz, be it lower range or up market selections. The hotels are close to the beach and town centre for the visitor’s convenience. These hotels offer pleasant stays and facilities to make your holiday memorable, or for you to have a perfect base for business transactions while in Cadiz. Simple amenities like private parking as well as free and easily accessible Wi-Fi internet facilities are available.