Mountaineering Backpacks Vs Urban Backpacks


Backpacks are one the most versatile and important pieces of outdoor and camping gear. You need them for your running, school next year, hiking, laptops accessories, and for your martial arts uniforms and gear. They are often made of a nylon or canvas. These materials are durable and water-resistant. They are also easy to maintain and are soft on the body and very strong for carrying heavy equipment and water and food supplies.

They are designed both to keep vulnerable contents snug and safe and to distribute the load evenly. They are also designed to be functional and sturdy, so you know that you will get the most of them. Backpacks are made to offer comfort, balance, versatility and load-carrying proficiency.

Before you decide which one you are going to buy, you should ask yourselves two questions. First, “What are you going to use it for?” And second question, “How much do you want to pay?”

They can be very useful whenever you are traveling, hiking, cross-country walking, casual walking, shopping, or maybe carrying your important documents. You can use them for all purposes. Also, business people carry them whenever they go to fares and exhibitions where they are giving free merchandise gifts.

There are basically two types of backpacks – mountaineering backpacks and urban backpacks.

Mountaineering pack is the ultimate choice for camping and mountain climbing activities, and exploring the wilderness. They are made to carry a lot of load and without feeling pressure on your back. They have a broad hip belt in order not to put the weight on the shoulders. Mountaineering packs are very flexible. They can be used in very hard environment conditions. Some are made out of materials that make it waterproof and even fireproof (though it is not recommended that you test this theory).

Urban backpacks are great for school, short or long day trips and minimal-equipment outings like day trips to the nature carrying your sandwiches, water, books, cameras, and dry clothes. But they are not suitable for very long hikes or overnight camping. Urban backpacks are designed to be user friendly for travelers. This backpack usually features a large zipper panel. And because of this you can easily access all your gear. Zipper will not leak, even in a pelting downpour. This is very important to travelers.

Remember to keep in mind that the more gear you carry the heavier the backpack will be. This is the main reason why is it so important to get the best model even though it is more expensive.