Mountain Boy Sled Works ? Is Sledding Environment Friendly?


It’s easy to see why a lot of critics are saying that sledding is not environment friendly.  This is because there is now raised awareness about the environment and people are doing things to protect it.  Now, this is a good thing.  Compare the environment today from before and there is a big difference.  Sledding is an easy target of these critics because it’s done out there in the open.  It goes without saying that sledding is done on snowy hills and the likes which is of course a part of the environment.

However, there are companies like Mountain Boy Sled Works that make sure that sledding is an eco friendly activity.  Sledding is fun and you can’t take that away from your kid especially since there’s a good chance that you know how fun it is.  It can be an environment friendly activity if you’re going to look for these traits when buying wooden sleds:

Good use of materials

It goes without saying that wooden sleds are made of wood.  When buying one, make sure that it’s made out of sustainable hardwoods.  If it’s made of maple, birch or willow; then it’s environment friendly.  You also have to make sure that the company is using every piece of the wood so that nothing is wasted.  Some companies like Mountain Boy Sled Works make other products that use these wood scraps.

Recycled materials

Packaging can be harmful to the environment.  A company should use recycled materials for their packaging.  Choose a company that uses recycled cardboard for the packaging.  Remember, recycling is very helpful for the environment.


It’s pretty obvious that you should make sure that the toys will last for a long time.  In fact, it applies to most products.  If you’re going to check out wooden sleds, make sure that you’re going to buy one from a trusted company.  This can help make sure that the sled is made using the best materials and technology.  This way, you can be sure that it’s going to last a long time so that you won’t have to buy new sleds in the future.

Now, you also have to do your job as a parent.  It’s a good idea to teach your kid ways on how to help the environment while he’s still young.  This way, it can be a habit.  Use playtime to teach your kid.  For example, teach him to pick up trash as you’re on your way to the nearest hill.  You should also teach him to just enjoy nature and not take or destroy anything.

If you’re going to add that to eco friendly products from companies like Mountain Boy Sled Works, then your kid will have an entertaining and eco friendly activity.