Motor Collection of Brad Pitt


Brad Pitt is a famous male star who becomes the idol of many people in the world thanks to his beautiful wife, lovely children, handsome appearance, and his gorgeous castles or villas. Also, his collection of vehicles is of great ambition to everyone. Let’s take a look at the unique motors, which turn out to be very simple, not luxurious as his fans have thought of, Brad Pitt owns:


Brad Pitt still looks very manly when he drives a simple bicycle


Bobber is a good selection of Brad Pitt


Ducati S2R 1000 motorcycle


Ducati motorbike


Brad Pitt and his BMW R1150GS Adventure


Brad Pitt looks very energetic with Triumph


Café Racer


Brad Pitt also prefers the classic generation


Brad Pitt’s collection includes sports cars


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