Motivational Advice For All Who Work From Home



Remaining focused and productive when working from home can sure be a challenge. It can be all too easy to succumb to distractions, both large and small, leaving you feeling that you’ve achieved next to nothing all day. Enliven your motivation and performance in your home office by following this advice:

1. Get personal Leaving the cheer and coziness of your home to a day’s toil in the office can be a bit of a drag.  Help your home office to feel snug and welcoming with inviting décor and complementing  office furniture. Add some personal accessories such as family photographs and jaunty wall prints.

2. Say no to clutter Begin and end  each working day with a well ordered office. If you cannot see your desk for dossiers and paper, you cannot function with any success.  Arrange your files and literature using bookcases and filing cabinets as appropriate. Only keep necessary items on your desk .

3. Set targets A great motivational tactic is to keep a diary with a daily program of projects. Crossing them out as they are completed creates a huge sense of triumph.

4. Reward yourself When you have had an exceptionally constructive day or been especially dynamic, it is good to reward yourself for your efforts. You could eat out for lunch for example, or splash out on a chocolate bar. Whatever says ‘congratulations’.

5. Be aware of your work style habits If you have a perky morning persona, it makes sense to deal with more involved tasks before noon. The afternoon can then be concentrated on less taxing items. Simply adapt your schedule as appropriate should the reverse apply.

6. Take breaks Taking time out can help to maintain energy levels throughout the working day and are particularly beneficial at the completion of one assignment  and before starting the next.

7. Dress for work Just because you are working from home, doesn’t mean you should dress too informally.  A daily invigorating shower and clean, pressed clothes will stimulate and energize.

8. Have a plan Without purpose, the day can pass unnoticed and without accomplishment. Organize  your work load, trying to apportion an approximate time span to each task, but be practical.

9. Food for the soul Be sure to start the working day with a decent breakfast. This will kick start your energy levels for the day ahead.  And don’t forget to take lunch, as this will add a top up of fuel for completing the afternoon’s work.

10. Share with a mate Discuss your daily or weekly plans with a spouse or friend. This makes them ‘live’ and you will work harder towards their culmination as you will feel a sense of responsibility.

Everyone is different. Try some or all of these suggestions to find out  which work best for you. Know yourself and make your home office habits second nature.