Motivation Keys – 5 Days to Increased Inspiration


If you have ever been stuck in a rut you will value the benefits of being inspired. Sufficient inspiration will motivate you to take consistent action. Here is a way to use 5 days to gain inspiration:

Day 1. Take 1 hour to get clear on your main objective. You need to get clear on what you want to accomplish. It should be specific. Use the hour to get your thoughts and feelings written down on paper. Don’t worry about how you are going to get what you want. You will figure that out later.

Day 2. Make a list of the reasons why you want what you want. This is an important list. The items that you put on this list provide the foundation for your inspiration. Write down every reason that you can think of. The more the better.

Day 3. Set a goal. Based on the first two steps set a goal to get what you want. Set work habit goals. Set daily, weekly and monthly goals. When you have goals you have direction. This keeps you focused on your objective which motivates you to take action. You will become excited to take action because you expect to get what you want by hitting your goals.

Day 4. Create a plan for getting what you want. Layout a step by step plan. This keeps you on track. Having a plan also eliminates confusion. When you are clear about what needs to be done you are more enthused to do it.

Day 5. Get to work. Now that you have your inspiration, goal and plan you are ready to get started. Do not wait. Start from where you are. That alone will give a rush of excitement. You will feel better because you see movement. As you do the work according to your plan and goals you will gain a positive outlook on your future. You will feel inspired to take the necessary action to get what you want.