Motivation Break Down

By Sean MacEntee on 2015-10-17 12:24:50

Everyone in the world has thought of starting a successful business and having all of the added extra’s which come with being successful. But why does the facts say 5% of people own the wealth in the world? And 95% of people are happy working for someone else doing that 9/5 job. I believe this is because of may reasons:


All of these break up into smaller categories.

1) VISION – this can be also the dream. Where you want to be in six months, 1 year, 2 years and 5 years from now. What size and location of that house you really want. The colour of the fast sports car which is on the drive. How many family holiday’s you can take in a year. The list keeps on growing, but there is one fact to all of this. It all come’s down to money!

2) FEAR – There are many things people fear and this holds people back from being successful. Some people find themselves scared because they don’t have a high level of education. I found this a biggy for myself when finishing school as soon as I possibly could, leaving with only three C grades and the rest D’s. But i spent time thinking about life, where i wanted to be and it come to me just because i’m not at school doesn’t mean I have stopped learning. You are always learning whether it is how to do that job the hard way or the easyway, you are learning a process or system. People are also scared about losing there hard earned money. Putting into a business that could or maybe couldn’t be a success.

3) OPPORTUNITY- or lack of opportunities. Some people will use the excuse ”my young family restrict my opportunities to be successful because the little money we have left at the end of the month, we spend on the children”. Some of you maybe thinking why i have used the word excuse, this is because that isn’t a true fact. Having children should make you more determined to be a success, to give them everything you didn’t have and more! There are opportunities out there such as overtime, weedend work to save the money to get started. For the sort term lose is a long term gain!!!

4) SELF-BELIEVE- is your mind set. If you socialise with unhappy people you will end up unhappy. If you keep positive and busy, i believe busy people get the job done. Also by keeping positive you will find a sense of passion and enjoyment in you work. So when you are happy when working on those projects you will find listening and learning easier to learn that system behind that opportunity. LEARNING FASTER MEANS FASTER RESULTS.

So if you have a dream and have the right mind set you can do anything you put your mind to.

If you think you are hard working, positive and passionate about making a difference to yourself and family life, not letting anything stop you archiving that dream, take a free tour and have a look at the opportunities available. Please don’t hesitate in contacting me via email or skype me.