Most Original Halloween Cakes 2010


There are lots of things we have to prepare for the upcoming Halloween holiday 2010. Beside common activities of a Holiday season including trick-or-treating, attending costume parties, telling ghost stories, watching horror films, carving on lovely pumpkins with gothic gargoyle themes, and some others, making Halloween cakes is really important. Halloween cakes are not only best for the taste but their look as well. There are lots of funny and creative ideas for making Halloween cakes 2010. For examples, ghostly eyes are made with marshmallows, eyeballs are made with raisins, and marshmallows are arranged with black licorice. Those interesting ideas can used for candy, cakes, cookies and cupcakes enriching Halloween parties. Let’s have a look at the most eye-catching Halloween cakes during the Halloween season 2010 and learn the best recipes to make and decorate your best ones.


Halloween, an annual holiday takes place on October 31, mainly in North America and European countries


Decorated cakes are dispensable in Halloween parties


Such impressive mummy cakes certainly bring big eager for the kids


The soul of Halloween is carved on pumpkins


It’s so easy to make such a Halloween cake just by available ingredients


Popular ingredients for Halloween cakes are wheat flour, chocolate, marshmallows, raisins, and so on


A collection of lovely mummies


Those delicious and eye-catching cakes are the most meaningful presents for relatives at Halloween


A spider cake!


A colorful bakery with lots of tasty and cute Halloween cakes



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