Most Bizarre Stories in Asia 2010


A 2-year-old boy used to smoke 40 cigarettes a day, a twenty-eight-year-old South Korean man married a pillow, a father climbed up to a tree to ditch the hospital fees, Taiwanese dentists asked fastfood chains to downsize their hamburgers, a four-year-old Indian boy broke the record for push-ups, Shaanxi Normal University installed a special toilet for women, and so on are considered as the quirkiest stories around Asia in 2010.

An Indian man took his wife to a government hospital in Orissa. He was so panic with cesarean section added US$ 90 in cost that he decided to climb up an 18-meter tree in order to ditch the check.

It took police and fire officials four days to bring the man down

Aldi Rizal became famous after a video which showed him smoking. Aldi began smoking at 18 months and he used around 40 cigarettes a day. After five weeks in rehab, he’s mostly given up this harmful habit.

Western burgers are so big for Taiwanese mouths that Taiwanese dentists united together to pressure fastfood chains into downsizing their hamburgers.

Western burgers have made an increase in jaw injuries because of their large size.


In order to conserve up to 160 tons of water each year, Shaanxi Normal University in Xian has installed a special toilet for women. However, its unique design makes would-be users have to stand and deliver.

A four-year-old Indian boy has broken the record for push-ups with 1,482 regulation arm bends in 40 minutes. Little Ronak Vitha also wants to become a famous tennis player in future.

After stealing watches and jewelry in a house in northern Penang of Malaysia, a 42 year-old burglar fell asleep with his loot which was worth some $ 3,200 on the owners’ couch.

A young man in Fujian Province of China disguised himself as a Caucasian elder with a silicone mask to board a flight from Hong Kong to Canada. The man was arrested while he was changing out of costume in the plane’s lavatory.

A twenty-eight-year-old South Korean man married a body-sized hug pillow in Japan. The couple tied the knot in an intimate ceremony presided over by a local priest.

The 69-year-old woman Cha Sa-soon has become famous thanks to her 960 attempts to earn driver’s license. Earning the license, Cha Sa-soon also received a new car from Hyundai.

A guzzler was discovered sleeping in the engine of an Airbus A-320 landing at Indian Gandhi International Airport just before takeoff.



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