Monetize Your Passion – How to Find a Mentor

Monetize Your Passion – How to Find a Mentor

In this Video I’m going to go over the second step in the 3 step process of how to monetize your passion.

If you watched the video I did on Monday I talked about the 3 steps

1. Find your Passion
2. Find a Mentor
3. Take Massive Action

So today I want to dive into Finding a mentor when your looking to monetize your passion.

It’s sooooo much easier when the success path in life is carved out for us and we don’t have to recreate the wheel and if you’ve ever heard the saying

“Find Someone going in the direction you want to go and follow them”

This was a HUGE tipping point in my success and it took me a while to get the BIG picture on this because I had an ego that I had to throw out the window.

I’m sure I could have figured everything out on my own but when I finally realized that it was going to take half the time and money just following a mentor…..I threw the ego out the window and opened my ears and eyes.

Now that I understand this concept I’m a big advocate of teaching others how important it is to find a mentor.

So if you’re looking to Monetize you Passion you have to take some time to find someone living the lifestyle you’re looking for through a similar passion and copy all their positive actions.

1. Start Googling or asking around for a Mentor
2. Connect with them
3. Make an Offer to work together in a way that it’s mutually beneficial
4. Offer a testimonial if the relationship works out

Like a mentioned in the video

If you don’t have a blog yet to build your passion infrastructure from, make sure to check out my step by step blogging blueprint that will set you up

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Comment below and share your story about working with your mentor if you already have one!

Stay tuned for tomorrow for when I share how to monetize your passion through MASSIVE ACTION.