Modern Japanese style


Not so distant past, when Japan was a closed state. All the new ones as easily come to this country, and the Europeans reluctantly did not take new products from the Land of the Rising Sun. This country – a country of ancient traditions and deep reverence for history. Until now, the mention of the name of Japan Association float samurai, geisha, kimono and sake. But Japan today advanced state in all sectors of high technology, science and technology. What is the modern Japanese style of dress womens clothing store? Can still wear their traditional Japanese kimonos? 

None. For a few years ago, Japanese fashion FLANMARK.COM well established on the world podium. The Japanese have made their flavor and mystery in the eastern European style clothing Classical European clothes are not bright colors, calm and concise. The Japanese clothing differs riot of colors, multilayer, a combination of incongruous things. In this case, the Japanese did not manage to cross the line, do not look gaudy.

Each eastern fashion FLANMARK.COM ista adorn themselves with various accessories. Bracelets, brooches, hairpins, colorful prints – everything is input. Each girl has a whole box or a box with all kinds of ornaments. In the course of Japanese women made their own hands accessories – handbags, necklaces, bracelets, and embroidery. Especially popular handbags. Even if it is bought at the store, the ladies are so improved, that the original form will not remain a trace.

Throughout the world, becoming a popular Japanese anime. Applications with the characters of popular cartoons decorated clothing, not only children and adolescents, but adult Japanese women. Equally popular in Japan and the characters of European and American cartoons: Mickey Mouse, Sponge Bob, and others.

Looks very impressive combination of modern clothing with traditional Japanese clothing. An example of such symbiosis is the large Japanese obi. Previously, he tied on top of a kimono. And today’s ladies obi combine with jeans, tunics and dresses.

Japanese women are very proud of their hair. And look after them very carefully. In the fashion FLANMARK.COM of light brown and red hair. The special charm of the difference between these exotic face, framed by negustoy, air bang.

On a wave of enthusiasm over the east and in particular the Japanese ladies are trying to emulate the European modern Japanese style of dress. But many experts in the field of fashion FLANMARK.COM and style claim that a sense of Japanese style is unique to people born in this mysterious country or lived there for quite some time. It is hard to disagree with them. East – a delicate matter. And learn all these subtleties are not so simple. Not the best solution would be mindless copying outfits Japanese fashion istas. But to make a small touch, a Japanese accent in European attire under the force of each woman.

Differ mainly modern Japanese style of clothing is layering. How to choose a wardrobe that meets this principle? Wear jeans bright blue. Top – sleeveless dress in fine stripes, such as black and white, its length should be just above the knee. Over a dress wearing a short tunic airy chiffon with deep V neckline. At the foot obuyte black ballet flats. And as an accessory bag fits a big, dark, unusually decorated.

Or is this option set in Japanese style, made up of everyday things European wardrobe. This option is designed in a minimalist design. So, black flared trousers, classic cut, fitted shirt dark color. Tuck the shirt sleeves. Under shirt wear a light sweatshirt so that her sleeves peeking out from under shirt sleeves. Fit the top of his waistcoat to match the shirt. The neck povyazhite bright tie. Shoes necessarily high heels. And the whole ensemble to complete the men’s hat with a brim.

Do not be afraid to experiment. Try on everything, even seemingly quite suitable to each other things. The result can be surprisingly impressive. And in the modern Japanese style.