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{flickr|100|campaign} 2009 12 afternoon of 12, the Joint Industrial Co., Ltd. Gansu Moga Yongda Roewe Shanghai and China Telecom Shanghai Branch No. 100, Garden Hotel in Shanghai, held a press conference co-brand marketing, which opened into the Shanghai buyers.

HC food industry network Conference, the Mozambican Deputy General Manager Mr. Wang Runping high, introduced the historical development of enterprises, the local rich Wine Culture, Mo unique geographical advantages of high estate. Moga into joint-stock companies are the leading agricultural industry to develop efficient features industry-led enterprise, is a key state agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, listed companies and 60 strong enterprises in Gansu industry. Moga wine production base is located in the birthplace of wine?? Wuwei in Gansu. Here is our best wine grape growing area, one of the first bottles of 1985 wines from the birth of Mozambique. After 20 years Business Has been built 2 acres of wine grape planting base and 25,000 tons annual output capacity of dry wine, with red, dry white, ice wine, brandy and other seven series over 180 varieties, is truly the manor Type of wine producers.

Mo high-end wine to open up Sell New channels

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Moga grape base areas located in Wuwei Huangyang Creek Farm is a natural ecological park, north Tengger Desert, the south Qilian pulse, is a typical temperate arid desert, dry climate, annual precipitation of 200 mm below the evaporation is strong, large temperature, sunshine, did not happen here 20 years, pests, planting grapes without use of pesticides, they do not use chemical fertilizers and organic manure is used?? sheep. Within 50 km around no industrial pollution, the absence of industrial dust, picked the grapes without washing can enjoy. Wine is also due to excluding high-Mo fertilizer and pesticide residues and by the State Environmental protection Administration of the name ” Green Food . “Base park is nationally recognized green food production base. Park irrigation water from the glaciers of the Qilian Mountains is not snow all year round. Moga in this unique geographic, with acres of wine grape selections in the Information Network of China Raw material Base, high-quality grapes provide a superior protection of natural conditions.

Mo high-end wine sales to open up new channels

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high gold jazz, MO high ice white, Mo series of high-end ice red wine. According to Cooperation Party Wine Co., Ltd. Mr. Han Wei Shanghai Sidley introduced, they will Moga ice wine as a breakthrough in opening up markets, using 114, 100 Mall Shanghai Telecom’s sales network and the impact of Roewe Cheyou Hui, to this healthy and natural product penetration into Shanghai’s high-end consumer groups.

It is reported that three had been co-developed the initial campaign, including the opening of the first exclusive mall in the 114, 100 on the sales channels and Wing-tat’s the Roewe brand launch test drive send Moga ice wine, buy Moga ice wine a chance to win the right to use half of Roewe 550, 2010, owners of the Silk Road Zijia You Roewe activities.