MLM Training – Evaluating Training Programs


Your success with Network Marketing is highly dependent on your ability to train your new members. MLM Training is normally by the company directly, by the field leaders and often times by many other members. What works for some people doesn’t always work for others, so having a variety of options is usually a good thing. It’s important though that you can identify which ones are effective and worthwhile so as to give your new members the best possible chance of succeeding.


After the quality of the field leadership, the MLM Training programs offered is the most important ingredient in determining the quality of the network marketing company you are joining (or already with). Most network marketing companies offer a range of MLM Training courses but most often these are very inwardly focused and center on things like their specific products and services. This type of MLM Training is important, especially if you are using a product oriented approach to recruiting. It’s essential that you feel comfortable with your products and have a good understanding of their features and benefits. Ideally your network marketing company can provide training videos and other online materials that will make it a lot easier for you to pass this information along to potential customers and prospects.


Where many network marketing companies are lacking is in their general MLM Training. Many new members need basic MLM Training before they worry about becoming product experts or knowing every little detail of their company’s compensation plan. They should start by finding a good MLM Training program that shows them the most important initial steps like personal branding and advertising and marketing online. Often times this type of course will not be offered directly by the network marketing company.


The best MLM Training courses are usually developed and delivered by the top field leaders. One reason for this is there is a difference in skill sets between what makes a successful network marketing distributor and what makes a good corporate manager. This reinforces the notion that the quality of the field leadership is the most important factor when choosing an MLM to join. You will find some excellent generic MLM Training programs but in many cases they restrict access to distributors that are in their own groups.

Regardless of who is conducting your training courses, you need to make sure that they are focused on two key things. The first and most important is that they are using proper teaching methods. This includes things like showing you what to do with detailed step-by-step instructions. They will also explain why you are doing these things and why they work. The second thing is that they should be teaching up to date techniques. With the explosion of online social networks and other tools, it’s essential that you keep current with new technology. This applies equally well to offline techniques as well. Things like trying to evaluate your prospects personality type and tailoring your pitch to them will make the recruiting process a lot easier for you.