Miniature Schnauzer – Still Fighting With Rumours For Rights

Miniature Schnauzers normally have a compact but robust, squarely proportioned build, measuring 12 to 14 inches tall and weighing 11 to 15 pounds for females and 14 to 18 pounds for males. The tail is usually docked. The ears are V-shaped and fold forward or are cropped to stand erect. They are characterized by a long head. They have whiskers, shaggy beard, bright eyes and arched spiking eyebrows.

They have a double coat. The exterior fur is wiry and the undercoat is softer. Their coat is usually solid black, salt & pepper, silver and black and sometimes white in color. As rumors circulated that the white min is carried defective or lethal genes and that the white Miniature Schnauzers have medical problems and deafness the American Miniature Schnauzer Club and the American Kennel Club standard describe the White Miniature Schnauzers as a disqualification from conformation shows. However white miniature schnauzers have no different health problems than their colored counterparts.

Miniature Schnauzer Puppies do not respond well the violence, hitting and yelling. They do respond well to commands, rewards and affection. It is an affectionate dog who likes to be around people including kids.

Miniature German Schnauzers require little exercise and shed very little but, require regular grooming either by stripping (the approved method), or by clipping (a short-cut usually reserved for family pets). One of the biggest reasons to buy miniature schnauzers is that the miniature schnauzer does not shed its fur making it a great pet for people with allergies.

Miniature schnauzers are great dogs for people without fences as they do not tend to wander from their home. The breed is generally calm but often has a guard dog instinct. They make pretty good watchdogs despite their tiny size, they bark to warn, but not for recreation.

Charming and attractive, this breed has clean habits and generally does not have a doggy odor. This breed tends to gain weight easily and should not be overfed. The mini Schnauzer shows no signs of age until quite late in life. Life expectancy is about 15 years.

As miniature and toy breeds of dogs are a great choice for a person or family who want the loyal companionship of a pet but have limited space. Miniature Schnauzer becomes their first choice as they are happy, affectionate, loyal and very friendly. They are intelligent, obedient and very adaptable. They are perky, energetic, active and playful and are good with children. They love attention and like to be right in the middle of all family activities.

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