Microblogging Raises the Value of SNS


SNS, full name social networking service, specifically refers to the internet applicable service designed to help people build social networks. It also refers to popular and mature information carriers existed, such as SMS messaging service. Another common explanation of SNS: Social Network Site, ie the “social Web” or “social net.”Whatâeuro™s New? Stocking Stuffers of sexy dresses Come in in Dortmund

When ordinary people can have computing and communications resources which may compare to the web server by installing the SNS software, what will those Internet companies investing in a large number of servers do? What are their advantages? Will there be more new Internet companies, whose front end and background might not be present Google, EBAY or Sina model? Even the 3 million strong server clusters of which the operator like Shanda games is proud is the core competitiveness? When the machine in a cartoon’s home can play his work through the SNS video device, does he need to go to manage a website? Probably a housewife does not know Html programming, doed not know the word site, but she can only use the SNS cookbook publishing program and a PC in the kitchen to help millions of people master her craft, and her stances on the stove is quite clear. What are you thinking at that time? In today’s Internet now, we as the clients are like a dummy, do some slavery things only through the server, look at other people’s sites, play other people’s games, send emails, in addition to these, we have no freedom.The Attraction and Misunderstandings of sexy clubwear

Now is the time to start a revolution! Central task of the revolution: how to let more than 10 million computers play their own roles, let users create and control their own information, without the company’s servers manipulating us. The Reasons Why Jolie Love sexy dresses Individual power is weak, the birth of the Internet makes syntaxis of individuals’ and strange forces in a short time possible, while SNS makes the possibility become a reality. The Best sexy lingerie for Assembly The ultimate significance of SNS is to integrate the scattered individuals in the Internet orderly and organicly, just like the silk thread strung pearls. The key is to make the pearls find the pearls and the fish balls find the fish balls. If an SNS always let the fishball fall into the pearl base, or vice versa, it is definitely a disaster.Recession Chic âeuro[ How to Be Most Brilliant on a Budget

To let the same type of individuals associate perfectly is the core application of SNS. Now almost all of the SNS take the webgame as the core applications for getting users together, which is obviously a departure from the basic value of SNS. SNS takes human relations as a basis. The user inevitably have the behaviour characteristics of participation, communication and sharing. This kind of behaviour spends a lot of time. Therefore, the core applications of SNS should invovle two basic characteristics of simple operation and high frequency property of participation. Internet application which now can meet the two characteristics is only the microblog.10 Motivations That Will Incite Mire to Your sexy dresses

Living the life from the days into the scripts is the inevitable result of the information age and the rapid urbanization, which is also the reason why microblog is highly regarded. Significance of microblog for the individual is not confiding but listening. Individuals will be more concerned about the content published by the objects followed, and associate by responses. This series of acts like release, attention, following, recovery, re-release form a virtuous communication cycle. Each man and followed object form a small circle, a number of which link together to form a SNS Network. Microblog makes SNS more valuable. Microblog can not be said to be the only core application of SNS, but the success of microblog definitely can promote the success of SNS, which is of course only the success on applications. From the time used, the mobile terminal has more potential than a computer to become the main platform of SNS. The successful commercial application must tie the other twin brother SMS. Microblog and text message are born to make a pair. Break down the boundaries between the two means not only to create a new network application, but to create a new business model. The key is how to merge the interests of the enterprise, microblog and the user into a harmonious business system.