Miami’s History


With the sun, sea, beach and general fun,  Miami attracts not only I but many people as well. But the fact shows that many people have ever come to Miami but they don’t know more about the beautiful place. Therefore, the article I wrote following will give some information the place.


The history of Miami

10,000 BC

Archaeologists have informed us that although they left very little evidence of their existence there were people living in Miami as long ago as 10,000 BC; Tequesta Indians arrived in South Florida. They survived as hunter-gatherers in the local area which also included what we call Miami and other places like the Everglades and the Keys.


Now a huge jump to 1513AD

In 1513 is when the first European lands in Florida; Juan Ponce de Leon. He arrives in Florida to seek out the fountain of youth. Although he didn’t find the fountain of youth he did find the Gulf Stream.


1565 AD

The city of St Augustine was found by Pedro Menendez de Aviles who lands in Florida who then is the first European to stay in a continental in what is now the United States.



America is granted independence at the Treaty of Paris by the British. Florida is then vacated and is given back to the Spain.



Florida is acquired from the Spanish by the USA. There is now tension in this area as a large number of white migrants and Native Americans take residence in this area. Many white migrants take in black slave workers.



Second Seminole War where black allies fight against the US which results in a lot of the tribes exiled to the west.



Florida is now the twenty seventh state of USA. Although there are many people now living in America roughly half are salves.



Miami’s first hotel the WJ Brown Hotel is opened which means this area is dubbed to be the ‘cool’ place to hang out