Mexico ? The Spice of America


The “United Mexican States”, fall in the North American region between the United States of America to the North and Guatemala and Belize to the South East. Mexico’s special feature is its wide and extensive coastline including the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea to the East and Pacific Ocean to the west. Such amazing blend and diversity in beaches can only be found here. It is this one destination that has it all. The liveliness, the rich culture, the welcoming locals, world popular cuisine, a variety of beaches to chose from and a bundle of activities to pick from. Not only that the history of Mexico City has blessed it with abundance of archeological and historic attractions such as the Pyramids, museums and Haciendas. The vast 6,000 miles of shoreline, art and archeology, superb architecture and 21st century modern city amenities make a perfect combination for a perfect holiday.


Weather in Mexico is also another attraction for travelers, as here, from Snow Mountains in the Sierras, to rainy jungles in the Southeast or desert in the Northwest, a variety and diversity is available throughout the year.


Although, Mexican food is the best activity to indulge in, but there is a bunch of other activities to crown one’s trip such as golfing in the amazingly lavish large number of golf courses present throughout the country OR excellent fishing in fresh or salt water, visiting a .volcano or an archeological site or riding Copper Canyon Railway. Some prefer to only laze at the amazing turquoise beaches. Other popular activities in Mexico include Sea Surfing, Sea Kayaking, Snorkeling, Scuba diving, Whale Watching, White Water Rafting, horseback riding and trekking.


On basis of an overall attractive places, activates and the totality for tourism, Mexico comes in the world ranked top tourist destinations list. According to WTO, it stands as 7th major world destination for foreigner visitors. Attractions like the Acapulco, Cancun, Cozumel, Los Cabos, and Patzcuaro manage to attract around 20 million foreign visitors yearly, and the number is on constant rise.


The major tourism hub is Mexican beaches, as much of the tourist industry is centered on the beach resorts. However, high, rugged mountains, low coastal plains, high plateaus, temperate plains with grasslands and Mezquite trees in the northeast also serve as major attractions for trail walkers, hikers, bird watchers and fun seekers generally. The desert of Mexico and even more rugged mountains in the northwest, tropical rainforests in the south and southeast provide most picturesque views and spectacular beauty.


The capital city of Mexico, “Mexico City” is laced with all modern city amenities and also, it is one of the three largest cities in the world. Mexican city holds a 700 year old history and a vibrant culture that speaks for itself. All top commercial and five star alliance airline form London Heathrow, UK and other parts of Europe fly to Mexico City and many offer cheap flights to Mexico as the result of competition. Every day countless flights leave world airports and millions of tourist arrive in Mexico despite the oft news of security disturbances in the country. The reason is, gang wars and disturbances mostly occur close to border areas and not in the highly crowded tourist spots. However, care and precaution are to be taken.


For a family trip to Mexico, there is nearly every perfect thing to make your trip worthwhile, parks, Aztec ruins, colonial architecture, museums, happening nightlife and chic shopping are some of the many.