Mexico Real Estate’s Cruise Lovers’ Haven: Cozumel


While many cruise lovers have experienced Mexico as visitors – an experience which is truly worth while – this experience impacts some visitors so much that they consider making Mexico their new vacation home. There are, in fact, some excellent opportunities in the Mexico Real Estate market for those who love their cruise vacations to enjoy life either year round right in the heart of the beauty that made them fall in love with the sea, with quick, easy access to their cruises. Among these choices, Cozumel Real Estate is one of the top picks.

Most cruise lovers have been to Cozumel at least once in their life, if not more often. Many Caribbean cruises make a stop on this beautiful Mexican island, where travelers can enjoy the quaint town square and neat little shops, or the serene beaches, scuba diving, or visiting ancient Mayan pyramids (Cozumel is one of the places in this area to be continuously inhabited by the same people since pre-Columbian times, and has not experienced any war during the changes that have taken place since.) And most of these visitors could probably easily imagine the tranquillity of life here, but fewer realize that this dream is within reach.

Cozumel MLS listings include many properties within various price ranges, and with a variety of styles, ranging from quaint, provincial style Mexican homes to modern, high-class luxury condos. Cozumel MLS properties are available in town, on the beachfront, or in ecological communities which integrate development into the island’s beautiful natural settings. Besides actually living right next door to all the benefits listed above (instead of just visiting a few days once a year), Cozumel includes large, modern stores with easy access to day to day goods residents need, and excellent modern health care facilities – all at much lower prices than you would expect.

And, of course, if you love cruises, there couldn’t be a better place to live than in Cozumel. For quite some time already, Cozumel has been considered one of the cruise capitals of the Caribbean. At the Convention of the Maritime and Cruise Industry 2010 in Miami Beach, Mexico was recognized as the most important part of this industry. According to the magazine “Travel Leaders,” Mexico is the world’s number one destination in terms of cruises both on the Pacific, the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. Among these destinations, Cozumel is at the top, considered by tourism experts to be Mexico’s main port for cruises. It receives over a thousand cruises a year, with two million visitors during 2009, and 2010 is expected to be considerably better. Recently, the cruise company Pullmantur has recently maid Cozumel one of main home ports, giving the island more importance as a point of departure for cruises.

For those who have been on a cruise, and loved what they saw in Cozumel, nothing could be more ideal than buying real estate on this beautiful island as a vacation home, or to relocate permanently. To begin this process, and interested buyer can searching Mexico MLS listings, and then find a reliable, experienced Mexico real estate agent to help find out how to buy and live in Cozumel.