Mexico Real Estate ? Random MLS Searches; Fun and Useful


Do you want to have some fun with your Mexico real estate search? Consider a random MLS search – generate a random number between $ 50,000 and $ 1,000,000 and find the property with the closest price.


“Why would you waste your time doing this?” you might wonder. Besides having some fun just looking at random properties out there, it’s actually not a bad exercise early in your property search to help you find what’s out there, compare areas and get familiar with the market.


We did this with Playa del Carmen real estate and Lake Chapala. After finding your random price (you can get this from Microsoft Excel, a scientific calculator, or the internet) choose the area, choose the price range that matches the number you got, and find the property with the close price.


Our random number was 534,606. The two properties were:


A Luxury, Contemporary Home in Playa del Carmen – $ 530,000 USD


With 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, this large house is built on a lot of 545 square meters (over 5500 square feet) and construction of 355 square meters (over 3600 square feet). Located in the exclusive new neighborhood of “Playa Magna” is less than 10 minutes from the beach. It is excellent for a family relocating, or for investment through rental income.


It is also located in the up-and-coming areas of Playa del Carmen, just across the federal highway, where land values have risen 44% over the past year. There is close access to a wide “arch road” which leads directly to the city’s two new malls, and many upcoming services.


A Luxury Home with Pool in Lake Chapala – $ 545,000 USD


This property also has 4 bedrooms, with 3.5 bathrooms (.5 bathrooms means only toilet and sink – no shower). It is on slightly more land, with 600 square meters (just over 6400 square feet) but a slightly smaller construction of 280 square meters (about 3000 square feet.) It comes with complete amenities and furnishings. It has two very large yard and garden areas, a covered terrace, which circles one side of the house, connecting to the back yard where there is a pool. Included is a two bedroom guest house (the main house includes the master bedroom and a guest bedroom).


With granite, fireplaces (which you can enjoy on Lake Chapala – not in Playa del Carmen!), fountains, domed ceilings, a two car garage, and a water pressure and purification system, this home offers comfortable luxury at its best!


Which one would you choose? Maybe you like both, maybe neither – maybe it’s sparked an idea for your own Mexico property. Try it out.