Mexico Is the Paradise of Golf


Do you want to be free from the busy work out? To Acapulco, Paradise Beach in the Southern Hemisphere, Golf is a great sport enjoyed by millions of people around the world. if you’re tired of unruly traders in Hainan Island, also tired of Bali, Phuket people crowded sauce, then warm Mexican Acapulco beach, and you absolutely feel brand new. You should bring your liking Ping G15 Black Dot Irons to have a good time in the Mexico.

There are warm and comfortable year round tropical beaches, crazy nightlife; high-quality golf course. Those are you must experience the best seaports in North America details of life. Fairmont Acapulco Princess is the most representative of the golf courses here, from Ted Robinson design, locals referred to here as the most “cunning” of course, difficult obstacles can be seen. Length of 6,400 yards, almost single-player can play 90 regular here a few shots of the results, but beginners can find themselves at a distance advantage. Not only challenging, but also make it easy for you to enjoy the holiday moment. Now, if you want to read some other golf articles, you may visit my blog – Ping Golf Clubs – Pick Best Golf Clubs on the

Guerrero is the largest city in Mexico’s southern Pacific coast port, the population about 36 million. In there, warm and comfortable winter and spring, hot and rainy summer make this city is beautiful. Founded in 1550, a city in 1599. During 1565 to 1815, Spanish colonial trade with the Philippines and it is the main port.

There are 20 on the coast many golden beaches, you could swim and fish in all year round. The beach is also littered with numerous small arbors, attracting visitors from around the world this holiday. There is a narrow sea trench, both sides of the towering cliffs, craggy rocks. Here is a great place to show cliff diving, diving every day exciting performances. The whole city is built according to the Gulf, there are a number of hotels and nightclubs and other tourist facilities.