Mexico Homes in Tulum ? Variety in Price and Style


When considering Tulum real estate, the first thought that comes to mind is land. Having acknowledged this, however, the smart buyer will also notice that Tulum, a market just on the verge of booming, located on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula a bit more than an hour south of Cancun, already excellent Mexico home options, ranging from very affordable to high-end luxury.


On the low end of the price scale, there are homes for less than $ 60,000 USD. One example is a development of small homes located just north of town. The development was originally planned as a low-cost housing subdivision for local workers; when the developer failed to sell the homes, a private developer took over the project and began selling it to Americans and Canadians, who now make up the large majority of the residents.


The subdivision is located about a 10 minute drive from the beach – many of those who live here like to zip down on an ATV. The comfortable 1 story, 2 bedroom homes are painted with different colors, giving a colorful variety, and many residents have already planted little trees and flowers; it is really a neighborhood setting.


Other inexpensive homes are also available; some fixer-uppers can be found for a good deal, and with a small investment can become a dream home near the beach.


On the other end of the scale are the luxury beachfront homes. An example here is the nearby village of Akumal. Large, splendid beachfront homes with views of the ocean, and elegant architectural designs can be found anywhere from about $ 900,000 USD to over $ 2 million. Many of these homes are ideal for luxury vacations, and most owners rent out the homes when they’re not in use. The income brought in from these homes is constant, and they draw very good monthly and weekly rates due to location and the elegance of the property, while still presenting savings to small groups of vacationers over resort options.


There are many homes priced between these two extremes, and with the help of an experienced, reliable agent, you can find a home in your price range that suits your needs.


Of course, if you are looking to invest in the future, buying land in Tulum to have your home built is always a viable option as well. There are many development and raw land purchases available, some with the newest underground infrastructure, others in green, eco-friendly communities.


Talk to a Tulum real estate agent, tell them how you imagine your Tulum property; they will help you find the best property available.; Mexico’s Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely