Mexico celebrates its 200th independence


Mexico celebrated spectacular festivities to mark 200 years of independence from Spain. The celebrations led by President Felipe Calderon in a spectacular display of light shows, fireworks and concerts marked the 1810 uprising by rebel priest Miguel Hidalgo. This nation declared independence from Spain in 1810 but was at war with Spain until 1821. President Felipe Calderon, who was elected in the 2006 presidential elections, rang the original independence bell from a balcony in the Zocalo. The 200th anniversary of Mexico’s independence from Spain is one of Mexico’s two significant anniversaries including the 100th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution in 2010 which is a milestone year in its history.

The festivities celebrated a whimsical culture, a proud history, and resilience embodied in the traditional independence cry: “Viva Mexico!”. 40 million dollars were allocated for rock concerts, parades, and fireworks lighted up the sky of the border city. Hundreds of thousands of people flocked to the streets, staying late at open-air concerts, and marching cacti and 13-foot-tall warrior marionettes, and dancing alongside and watching a two-mile parade of floats and dancers.


“The Colossus” is transported in front of the Fine Arts Palace


This actor dressed as indigenous man.


A boy wore a hat with “Viva Mexico!”


An actress performs during the opening ceremony


The government allocated 40 million dollars for rock concerts, fireworks, and parades.


Around 100,000 people flooded to streets of Mexico City to join the festivities.


Mexico celebrated its independence amid security fears. Authorities were on alert. The federal government urged people to stay at home and watch festivities on television. Fearing about the shadow of drug violence, Mexico City mobilized thousands of police officers to keep festive crowds safe. About 28,000 people died in drug-related violence three years and half ago.


Mexico celebrated its independence amid security fears that drug cartels could launch attacks. 14,000 police officers were patrolling the party in the capital city.



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