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I want to Introduce myself, my name is Tanesha Taylor and I am a ‘Face Trainer’ at Club Skin Gym. I am a medical licensed esthetician, Skin Blogger and Healthy Living Advocate. My passion lies within helping people reach there #SkinGoals by educating people on how they can achieve the skin of their dreams and become a part of the ‘Club Skin Gym’ movement #TeamNoMakeUp. At Club Skin Gym we are ‘The Gym For Your Face’ a Medical Spa that uses the latest and greatest in machines and modalities to remove dead damaged skin and force new healthy skin to grow with NO DOWNTIME! We put our clients through a ‘Skin Bootcamp’ that heals acne, acne scars, brown spots, wrinkles, fine lines, enlarged pores. etc. then have memberships that make it really affordable for people to get regular treatments on there skin.

We started in a Holistic Wellness Center so our roots are Holistic. We promote healthy living and this recipe will help to Heal Acne, Clean Out Your Body, Achieve Better Health, and Achieve Glowing Vibrant Skin….ALL IN ONE SHOT!

Heres the ingredients used in case you want to buy and make the recipe:

Super Green Shot
1/2 Cup Alkaline Water
1. tbl. Liquid Chlorophyll (World Organics)
1/2 tbl. Vitaminerals (Health Force)
1/2 tbl. Spirulina Manna Powder (HealthForce)
1/2 tbl. Blue Majik
1 tbl. Raw Probiotics
Optional: Take 6-15 SunChlorella Tablets

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