Merlion Park ? Home to Singapore’s legendary tourism symbol


The Merlion Park is a famous tourist attraction in Singapore that is renowned for housing a statue of the legendary Merlion. This iconic image, which depicts a creature with a lion’s head and fish-like body, is recognized as the tourism symbol of the vibrant island of Singapore.  The beautiful and scenic environs of the Merlion Park have made it a popular space in the city for those seeking to relax and enjoy Singapore’s picturesque landscape. The Merlion Park lies adjacent to the famous touristy area of Fullerton One attracting streams of locals and tourists on a daily basis. Be sure to visit this famous Park when holidaying in Singapore!

The Merlion’s name was influenced by Singapore’s rich history. The first part ‘Mer’ was derived from the fact that the island was initially a small fishing village, thus symbolizing its link to the sea, whilst the second part ‘lion’ was derived from Singapore’s previous name Singapura which means lion city. At the Merlion Park, visitors will be able to see a Merlion statue that measures a height of 8.6 meters weighing 40 tonnes, and a smaller 2 meter tall cub image of the original Merlion. Sculpted in 1972, the Merlion image at the Park is a truly fascinating sight to behold.

A visit to the Merlion Park will allow tourists to enjoy panoramic views of the Merlion against Singapore’s breathtaking skyline. You will also be able to have an amazing view over attractions such as the Esplanade Theatres, the Marina Bay and the Fullerton from the Park’s viewing deck. Additionally, there is a boat disembarkation point for river taxis at the Park. Make sure you have your camera with you to take some amazing photos of this scenic destination in Singapore.

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