Merlion Park ? home to an adorable world renowned icon


Singa-Laut or the Merlion is an iconic mythical being having a lion head and a fish body, riding on waves. This exotic creature represents Singapore as its mascot. Merlion is a combined word, where Mer or sea was obtained from the ancient name of Singapore, Sea Town or Temasek. And the lion part was taken off the city state’s original name the Lion City or Singapura.

 Merlion was first invented as a logo for the Singapore Tourism Board and is still considered as an important symbol. Going from a 2D logo to a 3D sculpture Singapore boasts five Merlion statues acknowledged by Singapore Tourism Board. The biggest of them is 37 metres tall and is located on Sentosa Island while the smallest is two metres tall and rests near the original Merlion Statue at the Merlion Park.

 Merlion Park along with the statues of the big Merlion and the cub was originally located beside the famous performing arts venue, the Esplanade. Merlion logo was designed by Fraser Brunner for the Singapore Tourism Board while the Merlion statue was crafted by Lim Nang Seng. The original Merlion was built using cement fondue and it reaches a height of over eight metres and weighs a staggering 70 tons. The cub Merlion was the miniature of the former and it rises just two metres with a weight of only three tons.

 Visiting a park dedicated to an icon is indeed a one of a kind experience, as the Merlion statue’s history spans more than three decades. It was officially unveiled in September 1972 and in 1993 the park was renovated and reopened to the public. Merlion Park is on par with the top attractions in Singapore, drawing hundreds and thousands of visitors annually.

 When the Esplanade Bridge was launched Merlion Park had to be relocated, but it didn’t move that far from its original position. It relocated only 120 metres away, still overlooking the stunning Esplanade and the serene waters of the Marina Bay. Even though it sounds simple the relocating was a feat in its own right that required 20 engineers and two special cranes that could lift 500 tons.

 The current Merlion Park spans across 2500 square metres and has fine viewing platforms for the visitors to sit and enjoy the scenic vistas of the waterfront. The water spouting statue during day time is such a pleasing sight while at night it becomes a whole new spectacle that will no doubt keep you glued. In fact fans of Merlion aren’t only from Singapore, which is why there are countless Merlion souvenirs sold at tourist hubs in Singapore.

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