Memorable Photos of Kate Middleton


Quite a few know that the fiancé of Prince William of Wales, Catherine Elizabeth “Kate” Middleton, was a reserve little girl and only to be in more sociable mood when she is a teener. As the elder daughter of a self-made millionaire Michael Middleton, she started a relationship with Prince William since attending the University of St Andrews. Then Middleton has received greatly media attention and there were a number of rumors that they would get married. Despite harassing press disruptions, on 16 November 2010, their engagement was officially taken place as a royal event. And the wedding is going to be in practice at Westminster Abbey on the 29th of April, 2011. So the love tale finally gets a happy ending, let’s have some looks at the bride’s latest memorable photos.

At the age of six years old, Kate was quite reserve and shy.

Future princess Kate (left) in a photograph with father and sister Pippa in a holiday, Jerash.

Besides personal pictures, the Middletons unveiled Kate’s resume providing information during her academic and sports achievements.

Kate with a sunny smile

In 2000, Kate got admission to University of St Andrews, she took a year in Florence, Italy. The royal couple share a common favor, traveling.

To The Sun’s news, besides childhood pictures, there are her happy moments when relationship with Prince of Wales began at the university.

As the British media is released, creative director Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen may be the designer in charge of the future bribe’s gown.

Kate Middleton and Prince William



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