Mehandi – Rajasthan India


The Art of Mehandi

The women of Rajasthan are fond of beautifying themselves. Besides jewelry, another thing they use to adorn themselves is mehandi, the henna tattoo. Beautiful ladies in traditional outfits with henna impressions on their hands look ravishing. The art of applying henna is well known to the women folk of Rajasthan. Each occasion goes with mehandi, any wedding, any festival or any other happy event cannot do without women donning mehnadi patterns. It has so much so a part of their life that it is identified with their cultural and traditional heritage. Not only this, mehandi also a religious and social significance. Young or old, every Indian diva is fond of mehandi.

Mehandi In Social Perspective

It is believed that mehandi brings good fortune and auspiciousness to the family. It symbolizes good luck and prosperity. Today even the international tourists succumb to the temptation of henna. Many foreign females could be seen in Rajasthan sitting patiently to have that perfect motif of henna on their palms. It is said that the tradition of henna incepted in in Egypt for coloring fingertips, nails, palms, hands and the soles of the feet.

Generally mehandi is applied on all occasions festivals, marriages, childbirth but applying mehandi to a prospective bride for her D day is a altogether a different attraction. The ‘Mehandi Ceremony’ is awaited eagerly by all guests and family members of that bride. Accompanied by the folk songs and dance the aura of this ceremony enhances where the would be bride sits coyly and her friends apply mehandi on her palms while dance and sing. Besides wedding, festivals of Teej, Gangaur, Karva Chauth, Raksha Bandhan are marked with henna applications.

Patterns of Mehandi

Mehandi has come a long way. Today ladies have developed their own unique style of patterns. Earlier they use apply it with the match stick but today they have cones, brushes to have the perfect preferred motif. They fill the henna paste and make the designs. There is a wide scope of henna designs. Some of the popular among them are:

Bridal Designs
henna Tattoos
Saroski Design
Crystal Patterns
Chopper Designs
Peacock Designs
Traditional Indian Designs

Mehandi As An Herb

Not only religious, social and traditional importance, but the medicinal quality of henna makes it all the more significant. It is a very good that can be applied in hands, legs and head. It calms the body temperature and when applied in hair, it colors, conditions and nourishes them. So henna is not only meant for tattoos but it is beneficial overall. So you can color and cover your grays, condition and nourish your hair, soothe the body harmony and also have have mehandi tattoos.