Meet the Seinfeld Cast


How could we ever forget them?

After nine seasons of watching the “show about nothing,” Seinfeld remains, to this day, one of the most popular sitcoms in American history. Once a week, millions of viewers would tune in to spend half an hour with the Seinfeld cast; Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer. The Seinfeld characters have become like family to us, allowing them into our homes, making us laugh, roll our eyes and slap our knees as these oddball, flaked-out characters came to life and became part of the family. Okay, maybe the Seinfeld characters were more like the distant cousins that we never talked about at family reunions, but family, nevertheless!

The Seinfeld characters were like none we’d seen before and even though the sitcom now runs only in syndication, we will watch them over and over again, laughing as if it were the first time we’d seen the show. There were many secondary Seinfeld characters throughout the show’s nine season run, but the Seinfeld characters we will always remember are the original and consistent four main characters of the Seinfeld cast.

Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld is the main character of the Seinfeld cast. Playing a parody of himself, his character is a stand-up comedian who is a bit of a neat freak and has a fear of commitment when it comes to women. Throughout the series, Jerry dates a variety of women, all of whom he breaks up with for silly, petty reasons. It is Jerry’s apartment that is the hub of the show and is also where the rest of the characters inevitably show up at with their problems and fears. Jerry seems to be the voice of reason for the rest of the Seinfeld character.

George Costanza

George is Jerry’s best friend. He is known for his constant complaining and being insecure, cheap and dishonest. George, also, has trouble with women, seeming to attract the ladies who are much like himself. He constantly finds himself in situations where he has lied about who he is, what he’s accomplished or what his attributes are. Most times in a panic, he looks to Jerry to help bail him out of the wacky situations he has gotten himself into!

Elaine Benes

Elaine used to date Jerry and still remains close friends with him. She is known as being intelligent and assertive and sometimes gets herself into trouble with her blatant honesty. Elaine’s never-ending search for “Mr. Right” took her through some hilarious relationships where she was known to take on her date’s interests and characteristics while getting caught up in trying to make each man “THE ONE.”

Cosmo Kramer

Definitely the wackiest of the bunch, Kramer’s Seinfeld character was Jerry’s upstairs neighbor. He was known for his sliding entrances into Jerry’s apartment, often helping himself to anything Jerry owned. Kramer never held a real job, but was always coming up with get rich quick schemes, which never quite worked out for him.

These four main characters of the Seinfeld cast all became very near and dear to the hearts of Seinfeld fans and were what kept us tuning in to find out what caper lay ahead of them from week to week. How could we ever forget them?