Medium celebrity hairstyles


Hairstyle is a way to create your own statement. Owning a great hairstyle is very important because it helps to define one’s characteristics and emphasize one’s features. A suitable hairstyle can even absolutely change a person from simple classical boring into sexy and mysterious. Shaw University Barber, Will Carroll once said: “Your hair is an expression of who you really are, especially in the African American culture because in America you are your hair because of the stereotypes”. That may also be the leading reason that Hollywood stars frequently pay much attention to their hairstyle whenever they appear in public. Let’s zoom into  medium celebrity hairstyles.


Lea Michele

The American actress and singer Lea Michele accented her medium-length hair with reddish effect. The 24-year-old star has her fashionable hair cut around the back and added bounce shape and movement for a stop to a simple hairstyle.


The bangs are jagged cut with face-framing layers and sexy fringe completes the over-all look beautifully


Naomi Watts

The English-Australian actress has an absolutely new and fresh look with razor-sharp and stick-straight style with side-swept bangs.


The blunt cut with a long swept bang helps to balance her round face.


Katie Holmes


“The WB” star looks great with the black and natural curly hair. The simple and beautiful hair gives Katie Holmes a unique shoulder-grazing hairstyle volume and texture.



The famous music icon entertains the worldwide public with both her music and hairstyle. Madonna has a wide range of hairstyle including short, long, blonde, and punk. Among them, classic, center-parted wavy hairstyle seems to be the most favored of Material Girl’s singer.


The soft wave curls and long layers of the stunning medium length create a sexy look for the singer.


Miley Cyrus


The Hannah Montana star makes her trademark luscious locks and a fresh new color with her hair. The waves successfully create a softy and subtle shape which is best suit for her face.


Alicia Keys


Alicia Keys’s natural curls and texture make a great look for a long face shapes.


Zoe Saldana


The polished and stunning finish completely highlights her long face shapes.


Katy Perry

The colorful hairstyle definitely perfects for those who are seeking for a hairdo with flair. With the multi-colored highlights, Katy Perry launches the hot fall trend for flamboyant hairstyle.


Katy Perry absolutely launches the hot fall trend for flamboyant hairstyle.



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