Maui Zipline and Hiking – An Overview


Zipline tours are becoming a major tourist activity in the recent times in Maui. This adventurous sporting activity must be booked in advance to avoid the last minute rush. Zipline consists of a pulley attached to a cable suspended in air. The Ziplines have a seat in which the tourist is allowed to sit and have a look at the valleys, gorges while traversing along the inclined cable. The pulley moves freely in the cable. This is operated with the help of a motor. Maui has umpteen numbers of Zipline courses and it is breathtaking with regard to both scenery and the adventure it gives. These high speed courses take place mostly on the slopes of Haleakala and in the West Maui Mountains.

This experience can be a life time opportunity for the tourists to explore the high speed action in one of the world’s active volcano. This activity can be an unforgettable one in the Maui vacation. Children right from the age of ten are allowed to take part in this exotic event and this can be an event for the entire family. A specially trained staff may instruct the tourists about the nitty-gritty of the adventure. The event usually starts with a walk in the thick woods and then getting a bird’s eye view while soaring through the skyline cable. A perfect glimpse of seasonal waterfalls, vegetation, and plantation can be evidently seen. A video recorder can help you to record some of the life’s best moments. Helmet and shoes are compulsory requirements for the trip. Persons with chronic disease and pregnant ladies are prohibited from this adventure. Persons weighing a minimum of 80lbs and maximum of 260lbs are only allowed to enjoy this sporting event.

Hiking is an activity which is slowly gaining momentum in Maui. The trails are mostly done on the public lands and seldom on the private owned lands. Special permissions have to be asked for the latter. Most magnificent hikes are done through Haleakala Crater’s 30 miles of trial. Tourists can try out the 10 mile long Halemauu trial descending the 1400 feet to the crater floor or another 10 mile Sliding Sands Trial beginning from the Visitors Center and ends at Paliku Cabin. Most number of tourists opt for the Iao Needle in West Maui. There are huge numbers of hiking events going on though out Maui. Some of them are 2 mile Tableland Trial, Waihee Ridge Trial, Kahakuloa Valley Trial, Lahaina Pali Trial and much more.

Almost all these trials give a panoramic view of the entire Maui and could be stupendous. Most of the trails pass through burial caves, tall trees, thick forest areas and some may end at a nearby highway road. Both events of Zipline and Hiking can be considered as adventurous and most exciting parts of a tour in Maui. They offer a close view of the forests and breathtaking views of the Maui coastline.