Massey Asked Why South Korea World Cup Player Ogle South Korea

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August 3, Barcelona player Lionel Messi despite the travel fatigue, the hotel in Seoul with the local “Soccer Boy” were happy with the exchange. Messi approachable, more like an amiable big brother, and South Korea, children playing, teaching them skills for them to correct some errors in the technical movements, patiently signing for the kids and with the photo, from time to time to see the Macy activity site exposed innocent and happy smile. Finally, Messi personally participated in the activities for the kids activities, prizes awarded.

Lionel Messi in the Korean press conference to answer questions

And just the day before, South Korea, the issue of journalists down almost to Meixi Lei, Spain “Marca” simply use the “surreal press conference” in the title. After arrival in South Korea at a press conference, Messi is naturally the most popular figures. Massey, a South Korean reporter asked: “Which few Korean players to you the most?” Messi and another at the press conference of the Barcelona players Alves, are doing their best to answer questions. Messi said: “In the World Cup, we compete with South Korea before, I do not know Korean players, but they played very good.” The reporter asked Alves is that South Korea and Brazil with the performance of the Korean group, so replied: “From the football side, the Korean team is very balanced.”

A South Korean journalist even a little offended Messi: “In football, you’re a little too short, you give little kids who raise any kind of advice?” Messi lose, and answered: “Spain is the world’s champion, and they have a lot of players short man. Football is not a movement by the height. “There are a South Korean reporter asked a feel bewildered Messi question:” World Cup, you throw on a South Korean player A flirtatious, and you were how to think? “Messi was mine down, his head buried in his hands, and then convulsed:” This is how I know. “

Commenting on the new goal of the season, Messi said: “The goal is always the same. This year we will chase all the titles. We know that this will be very difficult, but we have a good team.” When asked about Mourinho Real Madrid coach will inspire Barca, Messi agree with, he said: “We do not need the extra power. we do not mind that, just want to win more.” Messi also talked about the World Cup defeat, “the world Cup makes me very sad, because I was hoping to get better results. but now I have recovered, I just want Barcelona. ”