Massage Therapy School Internship Programs


Massage therapy school internship programs may sound tedious, considering that you don’t technically get paid for them in most cases, but the fact is that you can’t break into this profession without spending some time working for free. When you consider this as just another part of your schooling and training, though, it might not seem so bad. Internships provide hands-on knowledge that you just can’t get in school, and that is your compensation rather than salary—it is a truly valuable experience.

There are many instances during your career when you will appreciate the experience you got during your intern hours. If you get a special needs client, for example, you will more likely know how to provide the services they require rather than panicking when you don’t know what to do because they only brushed over this matter in school. You will know the subtle signs when your client has had enough or when they are exhibiting signs of over-exertion or stress that are leading to their specific conditions. You will develop an intuition that will guide you during all your interactions with clients.

Getting a massage therapy degree does not necessarily provide all the tools to begin a successful career. The degree is only the base to build on. You will need to have the experience from massage therapy school internship programs to augment your training and build the skills that relate to the real world. This will also provide you with the practice hours to become certified if your state requires it and make you a better candidate for jobs.

There are many options for internships. You can apply at massage therapy offices, spas, resorts, fitness centers and other places where people get massages. Your school may offer internship programs directly, or you may find an experienced massage therapist to act as your mentor as you complete your training. Taking the time to increase your experience with an internship or by working under a mentor can transform your career. You will be prepared to comfortably work with all sorts of clients and able to hit the ground running.