Marly Bar, Sydney, Australia – Review


For Newtown locals, the Marly as it is known as is probably the most popular and well known venues on King Street.  For everyone else who has been there, it is just another top notch venue that is quintessentially Newtown.

With 3 floors each sporting something a little bit different, the Marly has born witness to some great nights out.

The top floor provides a classy, elegant night out with sensational decor, pool tables and amazing courtyard and balcony.  This level predominantly attracts local university students looking for a fun night out on the town, with quick service, relatively cheap drinks and bar staff willing to make shots to order.  The feature of this level would have to be the enclosed courtyard, creating an amazing laid back atmosphere whether it be summer or winter. With the addition of a DJ, the upper level ensures something for everyone, just don’t be disappointed it closes at midnight.

It’s at this point you head downstairs to what is tantamount to a different world of clubbing.  Class and sophistication is replaced by live music, carpet and people rocking on to local live music acts.  The atmosphere here is again very Newtown, with revellers in there 30’s from all walks of life enjoying a great night out.  Drinks are cheap, service is good and if you are looking to meet someone new, you won’t be short of potentials.

The basement level is the newest addition to the Marly Bar and is where you will find the latest RnB and Hip Hop blaring.  Although not normally packed to the brim, this section of the Marly definitely provides somewhere to go if the live music gets a little much.

As a landmark on the Newtown clubbing circuit, the Marly bar seldom disappoints, and testament to this is its longevity.  If you are in Newtown and wondering where to go, then the Marly is always a safe bet.