Marketing Insurance – Be Tough When Marketing Insurance Products – It’s Not That Hard

{flickr|100|campaign} Annuity sales representatives do not have an easy job unless they understand their role in the sales process. Most agents attempt to offer their services when it should be exactly opposite. I believe the opposite is true, find Cinderella and put the slipper on her foot. In other words, design your target market and focus on it.

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There are numerous methods in finding leads and I have found that the best way is to sue several sources for leads. Many agents send out pre-approach letters and attempt to follow up with a phone call in an attempt to make an appointment. If there was ever a definition of a waste of time, this is it. These people do not want to see you and even if you were lucky enough to set an appointment, chances are it will not be worth your time.

Recently, I saw an agent and his children at the Mall parking lot putting flyers under wind shield wipers which had his contact information and his slogan “Call Dave for the best interest rates in town.” The chances are very remote that this could be effective and worth the effort.

I have found that outsourcing the lead generation effort is a better use of my time. I do so by using internet annuity leads, direct mail and radio. I place my marketing efforts in the hands of those who specialize it lead generation and concentrate on what I do well, seeing people.

Selling annuities is about activity and by removing the basic marketing to a professional as an outsource is smart marketing. Just deal with the leads and see the people.

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