Marketing From The Cloud



Technology has always changed the way we operate our businesses. Cloud Computing is a general term for anything that involves delivering a service over the Internet. It means you don’t have to purchase a system outright and it doesn’t become redundant the day you buy it. The right tools and processes are essential to roll out an successful marketing strategy. What are our favourite marketing tools for the practical day to day marketing tasks we use here at Pollen?

All are free or can be scaled to your budget;

Mail Chimp – Email Marketing

Highrise – Small Business CRM

Basecamp (or Minivan iPhone App)

Google Analytics

Wufoo – Form Builder


Email marketing at it’s best. What we particularly like about this monkey boy marketing tool is the analytics components. You can also see who opens what email and what links they click. That is priceless information.


This is a web analytics solution that gives you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. If you don’t track the traffic and hotspots on your website, you’re dead. Learn to set up goals and funnels too!


You need to track your sales enquiries and know what stage they are at. This is also the place to note down key information they gave you through initial meetings or phone calls so you can make sure you provide them with what they need. Your database is gold and Highrise uses simple tags that ensure you split your database for appropriate marketing activities. This is better than the machine gun spray, likely to fall on deaf ears.


Grow your marketing list and capture important contact information for marketing your products, services and events.  This form feeds straight into your Highrise CRM.


We always have a hive of activity around our marketing campaigns, with multiple people with various skills sets involved at different stages.   Managing a project often has loads of intricate steps. Before every project, we step through the process, including assigning tasks and setting important milestone and to-do lists.