Marketing Agency Tips for Getting Better Conversions


Are you anxious to get more clicks on your small business website? The web can kick your sales up a notch but mere traffic won’t necessarily do it alone. Do you want to make sure that those clicks count? Consider getting some help from a marketing agency that is experienced in helping you to increase your conversion rate. It takes more than website traffic to make an online business site successful.

Clicks & Conversion Rates

Clicks are good. Conversion is better. In other words, all the clicks in the world won’t help your business if no one buys from you. Your internet marketing strategy should encompass more than getting traffic. It should work on getting targeted traffic and then converting them from a browser into a buyer.

Developing a Marketing Strategy

Web marketing is about more than just traffic and the right strategy can help you achieve your desired results.  Most entrepreneurs and small business owners have trouble doing this on their own. Running a business is time consuming and making time for marketing isn’t easy. That’s where getting help from a consultant can come in and make a dramatic difference.

Marketing agencies can work closely with you to develop a website marketing strategy that transforms your website from a brochure into a sales tool. They can do this through a multi-faceted approach that includes some of the following attributes:


Analysis of your existing website (if applicable). A few tweaks and adjustments could make a difference in your search engine rankings and in how our visitors react to your content.
Research into your market. A marketing agency will look at your industry and your competitors. Business intelligence gathered will provide valuable info that could help them help you make subtle or maybe even major changes that could boost conversion and click through rates.
Split testing. If, for example, a website re-design is warranted, split testing may be done to analyse reactions from your visitors. When tests are conducted it can be easy to see which ad or which landing page could make more sense. Results can be evident fairly quickly, allowing you to reap benefits of that redesign quickly.
Proven marketing techniques that insert a prospect into a sales funnel. The prospect very often exits that sales funnel as a client.


A marketing agency can look at raw data and make sense of the statistics and the graphs. Their analysis could turn that data into an action plan that reaps substantial benefits in the area of getting more traffic and converting more traffic into sales. Consider talking to a consultant to find out what they can do for your business and your online success.