Marina Mall Tower Abu Dhabi ? The Crown of Corniche Seafront


The Arabian Gulf is no stranger to skyscrapers that rise majestically towards the azure skies, and everywhere you go in the region they can be seen in the dozens. In this veritable forest of skyscrapers, there are some spires that stand out from the rest by having a unique twist, look or story.  Even though it’s not among the tallest of the modern glass and steel minarets of Arabia, Marina Mall Tower of Abu Dhabi is one of those noteworthy buildings that should not be missed out in your travels in the United Arab Emirates.

As its name suggests the Marina Mall Tower; or Burj al Marina as it’s known in Arabic, sits next to the Corniche seafront and Abu Dhabi Marina and is one massive shopping mall. It is in fact the second largest in Abu Dhabi. The Marina Mall has an interesting architectural image; the lower levels reminiscent of the tents of the desert tribesmen, and the steel and glass Marina Mall Tower crowned with a glistening torus like structure rises out from the midst of the ‘tents’. From different levels of the tower, breathtaking views of the surrounding cityscape and the Corniche seafront are enjoyed by the ardent shoppers who throng its shops day and night.

Apart from a multitude of slick shops and stalls which number more than 160 and new ones opening frequently, the Marina Mall tower is home to a nine-screen cinema, a skating rink and a ski slope as well. Two glass elevators rise up the height of the tower to the top, where at the aptly named exclusive restaurant ‘Tiara’ you can enjoy fine international cuisine while enjoying the view of the sprawling city and the shimmering ocean. Don’t think for a minute that the view will remain the same while you enjoy your meal; vistas will sweep by as the restaurant rotates quietly without you even feeling it. But be aware that the mall is a non-smoking zone where smoking is only allowed at certain cafes and restaurants where there are smoking zones.

The Marina Mall sees about one million visitors each year, and the Corniche seafront more than even that. As such, convenient accommodation is not hard to come by in the vicinity of the Marina Mall and the seafront with the many Abu Dhabi hotelsthat you will find in the area. Class and luxury is the watchword in almost all the Abu Dhabi hotel roomsand you can easily find a worthwhile deal where you can enjoy the best of comfort and service. The Traders hotel, Qaryat al Beri, Abu Dhabi located cosily on a private beach is one place worth checking out if you are looking for accommodation nearby. From the hotel, just hop on a taxi and you will be lost in the sea of shoppers in the Marina Mall Tower. Do not forget to enjoy a meal up in the Tiara in the evening to wrap up your day at Abu Dhabi as the glitter and glitz of the night sweeps in.