Manufacturing and Distribution Companies Use Email Marketing Software to Stay in Touch with Clients


The manufacturing and distribution industry sometimes has a hard time keeping updated with current technological advances. One extremely useful advancement that helps these companies stay in touch with their clients while keeping ahead of the competition is email marketing software. With the aid of this easy-to-use software, companies can email clients about the status of their orders, send notifications regarding shipping and arrival times, and newsletters that highlight the latest products and changes for the company.

Manufacturing and distribution companies can send instant emails regarding their orders without the hassle of doing each one individually. By setting up a cohesive and detailed database, the emails can be automatically sent out to customers, depending on the specifications that you include. Clients will know that everything is up to date and taken care of, while also feeling like valued customers. By using email marketing software, you can save time while still providing the personalized customer service that is so beneficial to your business.

Do you have special announcements regarding shipping arrangements or production numbers? With easy-to-use templates, you can create a simple email notifying your clients of any changes that are happening within your business.

Email newsletters regarding your products, special deals or even highlights on valued clients or employees can be instrumental in keeping in touch with your customer base. Email marketing software has pre-existing templates that you simply modify to reflect your own specific information. Quick and easy, the newsletters can then be forwarded on to others, increasing your reach and possibly garnering new clients for the future.

With email marketing software, your newsletters, email letters and notifications can easily be created and sent without additional stress on your office staff. With specialized software, these emails are directed into the ‘in’ box rather than the ‘spam’ folder, ensuring that your customers see all the important information you’re sending them. A fantastic asset to any company, email marketing software is the perfect tool to keep your manufacturing or distribution company on the cutting edge while still maintaining the level of customer service that keeps clients coming back.