Make Solar Panel by yourself


Solar panel made it easier for inside of the analysis of room for decades, and countless citizens in no way recognized how this complex know-how may very well be simplified to set up Solar panels for powering the common home’s wants for electric energy.

Understanding how you can set up a solar panel will would need equipment and sources from your garage, as well as several components that may likely be sourced from recycling centers or eBay. No-one has to possess an engineering diploma or masters in workshop, just the need to develop a selection energy source, several dollars, together using a few of times for 100 percent free of demand time.

The first step: making titanium dioxide titanium dioxide powder into the first film in a mortar for grinding with the adhesive
 Then, slowly, with a glass rod in the conductive coating on the glass, the titanium dioxide film sintered into alcohol lamp 10 to 15 minutes, then cool

 Step two: the use of natural colored titanium dioxide fuel as shown in Figure IV, the fresh or frozen black plum, mountain plum, pomegranate seeds or black tea with a tablespoon of water extrusion, and then put to the titanium dioxide film Colored, about 5 minutes, knowing that the film becomes dark purple color if both sides of the uneven film, you can put to soak for 5 minutes, then rinse with ethanol, and gently with a soft, dry paper
 The third step: making counter electrode battery needs to be positive electrode, of course, need to counter-electrode. As the positive electrode and counter electrode, is coated with conductive SnO2 film composition, using a simple multimeter that can determine the side of the glass is conductive, you can use your finger to judge, conductive surface more rough. Such as the sudden five shows, the non-conductive surface marked with “and the conductive surface with a pencil evenly coated with a layer of graphite.

 Step four: add the use of iodine ions in the electrolyte solution as the electrolyte solar cells, it is mainly used for reduction and renewable fuels. Figure six shows, in films of titanium dioxide on the surface dropping one to two drops of the electrolyte can be.

 Step five: After the assembly of the battery to colored titanium dioxide film on the table face up, in the membrane above the one to two drops of iodine drops and the iodide ions of the electrolyte, the conductivity of the electrode and then face down anti-pressed titanium dioxide film . Slightly staggered the two pieces of glass to take advantage of the exposed part of the test as the electrode. Using two clamps to the battery grip, so you make a solar cell to

 Step Six: battery of tests in outdoor sunlight, open circuit voltage can be 0.4V, the solar cell short circuit current 1mA/cm2