Make Him Commit – Push Him in Your Direction


Are you feeling the need to push your guy to make him commit? Is this a one-sided relationship with you putting forth all the effort? What can you do to help him reach the same level of commitment as you? So many women are frustrated in their relationships because they would love to advance their connection with their guy to a more serious point. But, how do they do this, and how can they make him commit?

There are three things to remember if you are facing this dilemma. First, you need to become increasingly unavailable. Yes, you do have a life of your own and you should definitely be in charge of your own time. Refrain from letting your guy dominate your leisure time and keep from allowing him to make plans for which you are always accessible. Enjoy your hobbies and activities and go on outings with friends and family. Plan a trip away with your girlfriends or just spend a lazy weekend alone after a tough work week.

Secondly, stay busy. This will keep your mind off your man and you will not be constantly aware of the commitment issues worrying you. You just might find that by keeping yourself busy, you may come to realize that you need your man a little less than you thought. Making him commit might turn out to be less important to you than you originally believed!

Finally, attempt to decipher his devotion. Open a discussion about a monogamous relationship. Tell your guy that you are ready for an exclusive dating arrangement and you would love the same from him. If you sense hesitancy on his part, don’t wait around. You should continue to date other men because this is the only way you may find the perfect man still waiting out there somewhere. This could be that one special guy that will be all yours – you won’t ever have to worry about making him commit. Don’t give up; there are lots of special men out there!