Magnetic Van Signs: Powerful On and Off Mobile Advertisement


Professional business products can be promoted in a unique way using magnetic signs. Once businesses have invested in magnetic signs, they can use them on their own company vehicles along with paying others (such as employees) to place the sign on their vehicles also. Using either or both ways, a business can certainly gain recognition through the correct use of magnetic van signs.

Magnetic van signs (or any other vehicle for that matter) are normally bespoke and manufactured according to your requirements. You can choose the graphics you want on your sign, the text you want it to read, along with the shape, size, thickness and even magnetic strength. In this way, you can be certain that no matter what sized van, car or truck you own, an experienced company can provide you with exactly the right signs you need.

Once you are ready to order a magnetic van signs, you must ensure that you have the correct measurements for the area on your van (or any other vehicle) that you wish the sign to fit in.

The cost of magnetic vehicle graphics signs increases as you require larger sizes. However, if your business has a tight budget, you can expect to get many regular sizes between £20 and £70 per pair. In the past, the cost of signs used to depend on not only its size, but also the amount of colours it has and the number of lines of text you require.

However, many companies now have standard prizes for full colour printing and lines of text, so the variation in cost occurs mainly due to the size of the sign. You will be given more information via the form on the ordering page of the company you choose. You may also be able to get discounts depending on the number of signs you purchase in a single order. Usually, when you make an order, you will be given the price of a pair of 2 identical signs of your choice. This makes your ads visible from a greater number of angles.

When you make an order, you are usually required to have a design ready as a computer image file so that you can communicate your ideal design with the company you are making the order with. If you don’t have such an image, there are two other options that most companies will also be able to work with. The first option is that you can choose clip art that your company may provide, or that you have found somewhere else, and you then use this design on your magnetic van signs.

The second option may cost you extra money depending on the policies of the company you are making your order with – you can simply ask them to create a design from scratch and use it as the graphics for your magnetic van sign or vehicle sign.

Some companies also offer reflective backgrounds for your signs. These tend to be costly, but are most popular and also far more eye-catching than other types. A reflective surface on your sign can help your business in other ways too – it can be visible at night when light reflects off of it and glow when light is shone on it.

In essence, magnetic signs are durable and can last for years. They can be removed and placed elsewhere also. These features make magnetic van signs one of the best solutions for quick, easy, effective, and temporary advertisements to increase the number of potential customers for your company.