Madrid By Night


A little bit about Madrid

Madrid is one of the most spectacular cities not only in Spain, but in the whole of Europe. The capital of this amazing country Spain, Madrid knows how to attract its tourists through a wide range of activities. There are some who are interested in the architecture and the history of the city, while others visit it attracted by the unique traditions and culture as well as by the delicious cuisine. However there is also a group of tourists, especially the young ones, who visit Madrid for its active night life. After all, some say that it is Europe’s night life capital.

Visit Santa Ana

Santa Ana is a square that hosts the famous Calle Huertas, a street packed with bars and pubs. Since you are in Madrid, you have to do like Spaniards do: move from bar to bar and pub to pub in search for quality entertainment. This street is perfect for this because the taverns, the pubs and the bars are situated very close to one another, so you can easily reach them by foot.

The famous subway stations

I know that the first thing that comes into your mind when you see the subtitle is that there must be something at the subway stations. Well, not really, but very close to them. Bilbao and Alonso Martinez are renowned for being situated close to Pacha, the most famous and popular disco in Madrid; a fun night, with a lot of music and dancing will definitely be to your taste.

Nightlife in winter

When winter comes, tourists create a false impression about the fact that there is not much to do, so most people prefer to postpone their holidays. This is not the case for Madrid: the city is very active, even if it is winter. You can spend a pleasant time in one of the traditional cafes because there are plenty of them. Most of these cafes are decorated in a wonderful ‘’Belle Epoque’’ style.

Nightlife in summer

Almost all summer nights are hot, so when you visit Madrid you have to look for something to cool you down. Choose one of the many terraces which are open until late and enjoy the views of the city with your friends. Gran Via is one famous place where all types of people go because the bars and the pubs are so numerous that it is impossible not to find something to your taste.