Luxury Yorkshire Hotels – Ideal for any Occasions

{flickr|100|campaign} Haworth is a place in the region of West Yorkshire that is very well known for its exotic beauties and beautiful hotels. Each year there are thousands of tourists who come to this place to dive into the Yuletide spirit with their family and friends. Moreover, there are many Yorkshire hotels that serve to the tourists in this English county. The warmth and comfort of the lodging facilities, the extravagant food, the superb location and the excellent services of the staff makes them an ideal place to spend the snowy holidays.

Apart from the warm hospitality services of the hotel staff, the Yorkshire hotels are also very popular for the rooms that they provide to its tourists. All the rooms are adorned with rich deep colors and all of them are interior decorated which portray the tales of Haworth’s culture and its heritage. The rooms are a perfect blend of traditional style combined with state of the art modern facilities.

The rooms at the hotels in Yorkshire do not only have ample space for its guests but are also available with luxurious hot tubs that are very much appreciated by all the visitors. The rooms are all furnished with antique mahogany furniture’s and mostly all beds are king size which reflects the Victorian architecture. All the rooms have beautiful wall paintings that are handmade and the light fixtures provide the perfect complement to the decorations. The rooms are also updated with modern facilities like TV, DVD player and internet access.

The luxury hotels at Yorkshire are also very popular among the hospitality world for hosting various kinds of events like parties and wedding receptions. Some of the hotels are very much distinguished as the perfect venues for various kinds of social meetings and in particular wedding receptions. Most of the hotels in Yorkshire have large grounds that make it ideal to accommodate a large number of guests. The grounds also have beautiful landscapes that make it perfect for the people who want to host their gatherings in the outdoors. In addition, the staffs are also well trained to handle large group of guests and attend to the needs of the people. These hotels have the best culinary experts hence the catering is also taken care by the hotels.

The owners of the various luxury hotels in the region of Yorkshire are very much keen on satisfying the visitors so they always try to arrange for some additional services that will be appreciated by them. They have concierge services in their hotels to satisfy the needs of the customers. They make arrangements to serve special breakfast to the rooms and can also arrange for surprise parties for the guests.

They also have many gift ideas like boxes of fine chocolates, bouquet of fresh flowers, boxes of fresh strawberries that are available to the visitors to be given away as gifts and souvenirs. You can also present gift vouchers for a weekend of stay at these hotels to your friends and family.