LPN Programs ? What You Need to Know


These days, if people want to go back to school and continue their studies, they don’t have to worry about not having enough time to do so. After all, with the internet opening so many doors for us, education has also become very convenient to accomplish. There are a lot of great degrees currently on offer out there. Among the many options that you have are LPN programs which are great for those who wish to start a career as a licensed practical nurse but haven’t got the time to attend a traditional school. Needless to say, taking classes through online means would provide you with the flexibility that you need in order to accomplish your other tasks whilst studying for your degree. At the moment, LPN is one of the most popular degrees available out there. This could be attributed to the fact that nursing or any related courses is listed among the top five of the fastest growing professions worldwide. So if you’re looking for a career change and if you have a passion for taking care of other people then this is certainly a good opportunity to look into.


Now, you must be wondering, what exactly does and LPN do? Well, here’s a quick overview to help you understand better. A LPN or a licensed practical nurse an essential member of the health care team and they are in charge of caring for the sick, disable and injured. They are tasked to constantly keep tabs of the patient’s condition and their vital signs whilst making note of any abnormalities or significant changes. They would then have to report these to the physician or registered nurse tasked to watch over the same patient. They work closely with other members of the team in order to make sure that they are able to provide consistent and continuous care for their patient. After all, some of the patient’s that they care for have very special needs and must be looked after all the time. Besides these tasks, an LPN must be capable of performing various clinical procedures which includes laboratory testing, collection of specimen and enema administration amongst others. When needed, they are also in charge of assisting patients with various daily activities such as ambulating and bathing especially if these patients are not capable of doing these things by themselves.


Now, if you wish to pursue your studies through online LPN programs, you would need to complete the course which is comprised of different modules. These modules all have a corresponding number of hours credited to them. Some can be completed online whilst others would require your presence in some hands on clinical practicum which would be set in actual health care facilities. The purpose for this is to allow students to properly apply what they have learned in their classes and from books to real like. As they say, experience is the best teacher.


So there you have it, just a few bits and bobs that every beginner has to know about enrolling in an LPN program and what being an actual LPN would be like. Good luck!